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Brauchen Sie noch besseren Halt auf einer Yogamatte? Wir haben eine Lösung! Manduka Yoga Grip Gel! Das flüchtige Gel verbessert die Haftung. Es funktioniert, indem es eine „Barriere“ zwischen Ihrer Haut und der Yogamatte schafft.
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Need even better grip on a yoga mat? We have a solution! Manduka Yoga Grip gel! The volatile gel improves adhesion.

It works by creating a “barrier” between your skin and the yoga mat. The texture on the hands is dry but not sticky. It is easily removed with soap and water.

Manduka Yoga Grip gel for better grip on the yoga mat

  • unique gel for better grip on yoga mats
  • the gel evaporates on your hands, creating a moisture barrier between your skin and the yoga mat
  • when you apply Yoga Grip gel to your hands, a microscopic layer of silica creates a temporary palpable texture that prevents moisture from your skin from reaching the surface of your mat, reducing slippage
  • texture on the hands is dry but not sticky
  • has an antibacterial effect
  • gel is biodegradable
  • for use on closed-cell yoga mats (not recommended for use on open-cell yoga mats and yoga towels)
The contents are flammable! Do not use the gel near fire, flame. Keep out of reach of children. It is intended for external use only. Not for use on the face.

Gel ingredients for better adhesion

Denatured alcohol, silicon dioxide and citrus scent. The scent of citrus is from: sweet orange peel oil; grape seed oil; mandarin oil; terpenes of orange oil. The mixture is GMO-free. It is not of animal origin. It complies with regulation 65.

How to use Manduka Yoga Grip gel?

  • shake the gel well before use
  • pull the cover to open (do not unscrew the cover)
  • squeeze a small drop of gel on your hands (approx. 1cm)
  • apply to palms and fingers, you can also to feet
  • rub your palms to spread the gel on your hand, wait a moment for it to dry (a powdery, white coating (film) appears at the application site)
  • this white coating (film) can be easily wiped off with a towel - the adhesion efficiency will still be the same (the gel will not damage clothes or yoga equipment)
  • wash your hands (feet) with soap and water after practicing yoga

If Yoga Grip gel stains remain on the yoga mat, simply clean the mat with a yoga mat cleaner or water.

If Yoga Grip gel comes in contact with clothing, a stain may form. We recommend washing the stain with water. Otherwise, stains disappear when you wash the clothes in the washing machine.

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  1. Definitely helps!
    I have always had issues with either my hands or feet slipping in my yoga practices. Even with a towel! This stuff just allowed me a full hour of practice with 0 slipping! I will buy this again! So happy!

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