Reiniger und Erfrischer für Yogamatten 118 ml

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Der natürliche Yogamattenreiniger Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh reinigt Ihre Yogamatte und sorgt für einen frischen, angenehmen Duft. Der Reiniger ist in einer kleineren Packung (118 ml) erhältlich.
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Natural yoga mat cleaner Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh will clean your yoga mat and provide a fresh, pleasant scent. The cleanser is in a smaller package (118ml) and it is very convenient to always have it with you.

Manduka yoga mat cleaner is made from 100% natural ingredients. Use it after every yoga practice, after every exercise - to keep your yoga mat clean and odorless and will smell nice.

Manduka Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh is universal and can be used for all types of yoga mats. You can choose between the scent of lavender or the scent of lemongrass.

Organic cleanser and freshener Manduka Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh

  • 100% made from natural ingredients
  • cleaner and air freshener spray for exercise mats - twice the efficiency
  • suitable for all exercise mats
  • without chemical components
  • does not cause skin irritation
  • safe for the environment and people
  • sustainable packaging
  • does not contain bleach, dyes, perfumes, endocrine disruptors, chloride, ammonia…
  • made in the USA
  • keep out of reach of children
  • volume: 118 ml

Directions for use

Daily cleaning: Spray evenly over the surface and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Deep cleansing: Spray a larger amount of cleanser (so that the yoga mat will be visibly wet) and leave the cleanser to take effect for 1-2 minutes. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth and leave the pillow open to dry well. No rinsing!


Manduka cleaner is made on the basis of water and at low temperatures it can freeze or a wet yoga mat can freeze. Therefore, avoid low temperatures. In case it still freezes, don’t worry - place a cleanser or yoga mat in a warm place and wait for it to thaw.

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