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Palo Santo oder heiliges Holz. 100 % natürliches aromatisches Holz, reich an Harz und einem wunderbar süßen Duft, wird seit Jahrhunderten zur Reinigung von Räumen, bei Meditationen, spirituellen Ritualen, gegen Insekten und zur Entfernung schlechter Energie verwendet.
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Palo Santo or sacred wood. 100% natural aromatic wood, rich in resin and a wonderful sweet scent, used for centuries to clean rooms, in meditation, spiritual rituals, against insects and to remove bad energy.

Palo Santo is perfectly repels mosquitoes, the pleasant smell of one stick smells the whole room and creates a pleasant atmosphere for meditation or other exercises (yoga, relaxation...).

Unlike other classic incense that burns completely, the Palo Santo stick can be lit multiple times.

Palo Santo or sacred wood - stick

  • 100% natural aromatic wood
  • the rich resin on ignition creates a pleasant smoke of fresh odor
  • scent for meditation, against unpleasant odors, for cleaning the room
  • a natural incense from South America that has been used in shamanic rituals for thousands of years
  • wood is the ‘dead’ part of the tree that acquires its characteristic aroma after 10 years
  • use: the sticks are 100% natural and can be used as incense or tea
  • stick; the size of the stick is not conditioned by weight
  • origin: Peru
  • the product is obtained in an environmentally friendly way, following ancient procedures without exploiting nature!

Palo santo

How to use Palo Santo

They can be put on charcoal or ignited by fire. Light the end of the stick to create a flame and leave it for 30 to 60 seconds, then gently blow until the flame stops and the stick starts to smolder.

Unlike other classic incense that burns completely, Palo Santo can be lit multiple times. The stick can be placed in a safe place, on a shelf on a clay or metal base.

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  1. Very satisfied
    I am very satisfied with this Palo santo.
  2. Fresh sticks, strong aroma, burns well
    Burning a stick gives my apartment a pleasant aroma. Each stick can be lit multiple times. Once the flame is out, the smoke will rise for a minute or two which is enough to do the job. The aroma is strong, so I move to another room after lighting a stick. I burn them in my bathroom which is centrally located and within a few minutes I can smell them wherever I am.
  3. Zadovoljna
    Priporočam. Tako kot sveti les je tudi cena odlična.

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