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Alles Mooi Tracker Mohair-Socken – Ideal für alle Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Eine perfekte Kombination aus Stil, Komfort und Funktion. Eine vollständig gepolsterte technische Socke mit Mohair im Fuß, um Feuchtigkeit abzuleiten und die Füße trocken zu halten.
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Alles Mooi Tracker Mohair socks - Ideal for all outdoor activities. A perfect combination of style, comfort and function. A fully cushioned technical sock with mohair in the foot to wick away moisture and keep feet dry. 

The thermal properties of mohair keep feet comfortable throughout the day in cold or warm conditions. Odor free.

Moisture management: Mohair’s natural wickability and capillary capability results in moisture being easily absorbed and perspiration being wicked away from the foot, keeping it dry, comfortable and fresh.

Anti-bacterial and odour resistant: Tracker socks incorporate bamboo fibre that has a natural anti-bacteria deodorising agent called bamboo Kun that keeps the foot feeling fresh, unlike chemical agents that can cause skin allergies.

Thermally balanced: Tracker socks are made from natural fibres, which keep the foot cool and comfortable in hot temperatures, and warm and snug in cold conditions.

Mohair terry cushioning on foot for chafe resistance, moisture absorption and blister resistance.

About Alles Mooi Tracker socks

  • outdoor activities, mountaineering, tracking, trekking,..
  • style, comfort, function and protection
  • Mohair - wick away moisture and keep feet dry
  • thermal properties - feet comfortable throughout the day in cold or warm conditions. Odor free.
  • bamboo fibre - natural anti-bacteria
  • Material: 36% Bamboo, 18% Mohair, 18% Merino Wool, 28% Polyamide

When purchasing a South African mohair product you’re enabling sustainable, ethical farming practices, and supporting a country, an industry, and, more importantly, thousands of farmers and families dependent on this noble fibre.

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MarkeAlles Mooi
Gewicht (kg)0.150000
Inhalt18% moher, 18% merino volna, 36% bambus, 28% poliamid

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