Kleineres rechteckiges Yoga-Bolster aus Kapokwolle

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Kleineres rechteckiges Yoga-Bolster für alle restaurativen und Yin-Yoga-Übungen, gefüllt mit weicher, elastischer Kapokwolle. Kapokwolle ist sehr leicht, aber kompakt. Für bequemes und stabiles Sitzen.
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Smaller rectangle yoga bolster for all restorative and yin yoga exercises, filled with soft elastic kapok wool. Kapok wool is very light but compact. For comfortable and stable sitting. Made in India.

Smaller rectangle yoga bolster for all restorative and yin yoga exercises. Flexible, rectangular Yoga Bolster for gentle Yoga exercises

Smaller rectangle yoga bolster Lotuscrafts filled with Kapok wool

  • Flat surface offers ideal stability for relaxing
  • Compact surface and slightly lower height provides flexible support for versatile Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga exercises.
  • The smaller Restorative Bolster Lotuscraftsis particularly suitable for opening the sternum and the heart region, ideal as a support for exercises with upright legs or as a flexible seat cushion for meditation or breathing exercises
  • Outside cover is made from 100% organic cotton
  • Outside cover is washable (zipp on the bottom)
  • Filling: Kapok wool (natural tree fibers) probably the most traditional and high-quality filling material for meditation pillows
  • Kapok filling makes the pillow particularly light, soft and adaptable
  • Kapok woll is soft and elastic but it offers solid seat pad
  • Dimension: 72 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (Kapok fibers are very light)
  • Made in India
  • ECO standard: GOTS certified
Ecological & fair: High-quality, ecological products. Made with love. Enjoy your yoga practice!


Their name in the products combines purity, beauty, special art of making from natural, human and environmentally friendly materials (cotton, spelt, kapok wool).


The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, peace and beauty in many cultures in the East. The lotus flower is very special because of its exceptional surface structure, which allows water, dust particles, mud and micro-organisms to "unwind" and bloom in perfect beauty.


It means trade, art.

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  1. Lahka, kvalitetna
    Lahka, kvalitetna, uporabljam jo pri jin jogi.
  2. Perfect for Restorative Yoga
    I needed a bolster for some poses in restorative yoga. When this arrived at first it appeared too "full" or stiff but it's the perfect density and actually very comfortable. It does has a drawstring on one end so you can adjust the fill if you need. Canvas/cotton cover is soft and appears durable. It is a rectangle which I find to be very comfortable for my back.

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