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Gönnen Sie sich den entspannenden Duft von Lavendel und „schalten“ Sie alle Gedanken mit Augenkissen aus Bio-Baumwolle aus. Ein hervorragendes Hilfsmittel zur Entspannung bei Savasana, Meditation oder vor dem Schlafengehen.
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Indulge in the relaxing scent of lavender and ‘turn off’ all thoughts with organic cotton eye pads. An excellent aid for relaxation in savasana, meditation or at bedtime.

To rest your eyes and mind while you work; especially when working on a computer or for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen. The pillows are filled with flax seeds and lavender essential oil.

Flaxseed with its pleasant weight warms and relaxes the muscles around the eyes or other areas. They can be heated or cooled, depending on the desired effect.

Eye pillows with flax seeds Yogamatters

  • aid for tired eyes, against insomnia, headaches
  • for relaxation, yoga, meditation, travel
  • soft pillow with removable cover that can be washed
  • made of 100% organic cotton, with GOTS certification
  • stuffed with flax seeds and lavender essential oil
  • lavender essential oil has a beneficial effect on our mood
  • flax seeds give a proper feeling of weight and have a beneficial effect on muscles
  • rectangular pillow shape
  • pillow can be heated or cooled - and used to regenerate muscles, heat or cool a specific area,…
  • woven symbol of the lotus flower
  • the scent of lavender diminishes over time; you can replace it with any natural essential oils - drip 2 drops on the pillow
  • dimensions: 25cm x 10cm
  • weight: 0.2 kg

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