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Drachenblut, Harz, Weihrauch wird aus verschiedenen Pflanzen der Gattung Croton in Peru hergestellt. Weihrauch hat einen einzigartigen aromatischen Geruch und wird verwendet, um negative Energien im Raum zu neutralisieren. Gleichzeitig öffnet es den Weg für neue, frische Energie.
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Dragon's blood, resin, incense is produced from various plants of the genus Croton in Peru. Incense has a unique aromatic smell and is used to neutralize negative energies in the room. At the same time, it opens the way for new, fresh energy.

Incense Dragon's blood resin

  • 100% natural resin produced from various plants of the Croton genus in Peru (by drying the dark red juice)
  • handpicked by local communities with full respect for the life cycle of plants and the ecosystem
  • according to ancient traditions, resins are used in ceremonies and rituals to purify energy
  • 10 g

Why choose Dragon's Blood incense?

In Peru, the dark red juice of Croton plants is also used as a medicine to promote wound healing. The resin can also be mixed with other resins and herbs. The use of Dragon's Blood resin was part of Ayurvedic rituals and remains so today.

It is used for:

  • neutralizing negative energies and cleansing
  • opens the way for new, fresh energy
  • creates a relaxing environment
  • it contributes to determination, self-confidence and personal strength
  • it has a positive effect on relationships and contributes to happiness and peace in a given environment
  • enhances the potency of other incenses when added to it
Important note - as with other incenses, Dragon's Blood resin should not be left burning unattended. Do not use it near flammable substances. Do not inhale resin fumes directly.

How to use resin, incense Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Blood?

  • Light a small candle and place it under the copper plate.
  • After about one minute, the plate reaches the ideal temperature.
  • Place a pinch of the resin on the plate that you crushed before.
  • The resin aroma is immediately released. The duration depends on the amount of resin you add to the plate. You can also choose to mix different types of resins.
  • When you decide that it is enough, simply blow out the candle. If the resin is not used, it can be reused. (If the resin has exhausted its aroma, after extinguishing the candle and allowing the plate to cool, the resin should be removed by pressing under the copper plate.)

You can use Palo Santo copper holder or any other.


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