Weihrauch und Terrakottaständer aus Palo Santo

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Dieses Set enthält 6 Palo Santo-Kegel aus Ecuador und einen wunderschönen Terrakotta-Sockel in Form eines Andenkreuzes. Die Zapfen haben ein leicht balsamisches Aroma.

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This set includes 6 Palo Santo cones from Ecuador and a beautiful terracotta base in the shape of an Andean cross. The cones have a slight balsamic aroma. The stand is handmade. Cone-shaped incense offers a more intense experience as it lasts longer and produces more smoke when burning.

Incense Palo Santo cones and terracotta stand

  • 6 Palo Santo cones from Ecuador
  • terracotta standl in the shape of an Andean cross entirely handmade in Ecuador using traditional techniques
  • the cones are made of Palo Santa sawdust, with Palo Santa resin mixed in
  • these cones come from Ecuador, a region where Palo Santo grows in a favorable environment (the soil is not very rocky, the temperature changes are more gentle, and the climatic and environmental conditions are influenced by the proximity of the sea - due to these factors, the aroma of this variety is more delicate and balsamic)


How to use Palo Santo cones?

The average duration of a Palo Santo cone is twenty minutes.

  1. Place the cone on the metal grid inside the stand.
  2. Light the end of the cone without catching too much flame.
  3. Once the cone is lit, it will run on its own until it burns out.
  4. To stop sooner, simply press the tip of the cone with the embers onto the surface.
  5. If you continue the ritual, you will notice that the longer it lasts, the more abundant the aroma will be. This happens because the cone increases the volume of the combustion area
  6. during burning and as a result the smoke produced will also increase.


The advantages of cone-shaped incense!

The cone shape has one great advantage over all other shapes.

  1. When the cone is lit, it burns independently (does not extinguish itself).
  2. The cones produce a lot of smoke, so they are great for outdoor use and for ceremonies where you need a more intense aroma. For more intimate rituals, don't let the cone burn to the end - turn it off after a few minutes and use it again next time.
  3. Cleans energy even in a wider area.
  4. It promotes inner harmony and mental and physical balance.
  5. It releases an aroma that encourages concentration and introspection.
  6. It creates a relaxing atmosphere that encourages creativity.
  7. It repels annoying insects.


Meditation and yoga

Palo Santo can be lit in preparation for daily meditation or yoga practice. This helps us prepare our energy and mind for meditation and allows us to connect better with the practice of yoga.


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