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Merino Wollsocken Bergsteigen von Linie Natur sind extrem weich, komfortabel und warm. Sie sind hohe technische Socken für die anspruchsvollsten Sportler und können den schlimmsten Wetterbedingungen standhalten.

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Merino wool socks Mountaineering from line NATURE are extremely soft, comfortable and warm. They are high, technical socks for the most demanding athletes and can withstand the worst weather conditions.

The high proportion of merino wool (91% merino wool) makes socks a great choice for cold winter days.

High, technical merino wool socks for maximum thermal insulation and comfort. The heel and toe area is seamless and further enhanced - for added comfort.

Merino wool mountaineering socks, NATURE line Elbec

  • intended for the most demanding athletes and can withstand the worst weather conditions
  • for hiking, for all those who like to survive the winter in nature and love the cold
  • the heel and toe area is seamless and further enhanced - for added comfort
  • the area of ​​the fingers is free of elastane to prevent squeezing of the fingers and not to slow down the circulation
  • the front of the heel is more breathable than the rest of the sock, and further adapts to the foot
  • the upper cuff is relatively delicate and does not tighten
  • merino yarn of 16 micron wool fibers (very comfortable and soft to the touch, nothing "prickly" like wool can be)
  • merino wool is breathable and absorbent (it can absorb 33% of the moisture of its weight without feeling moisture to the touch)
  • merino wool reacts to changes in body temperature - it warms in winter and cools in summer
  • merino wool does not stink - antibacterial properties
  • merino wool dries quickly and prevents the formation of blisters
  • Elbec merino wool is certified "NO MULESING"
  • certified merino yarn GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • material: 91% "extra fine" pure merino wool, 5% polyamide, 4% elastane
  • weight: 130 g
  • made in Italy

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  1. Udobne in tople
    Uporabil enkrat in sedaj uporabljam samo še merino za hribovske podvige. Dobre tudi doma za spat ali čez dan, če vas zebe v noge!

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