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Yogablock aus nachhaltigem Naturkork in Portugal. Sie können zwischen kleinem und größerem Yogablock wählen. Es unterstützt Sie beim Üben oder hilft Ihnen bei der Vorbereitung von Posen.
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Yoga block made of sustainable natural cork in Portugal. You can choose between small or larger yoga block.

It will support your practice or help you in advance poses.

Cork Yoga block Lotuscrafts

  • Small and large yoga cork block
  • To support your practice
  • To help in advance asanas
  • To help with stretchy poses
  • Non-slip surface
  • Made of sustainable natural cork in Portugal

Dimension yoga block Lotuscrafts

  • Small yoga block (size S): 22 x 12 x 7.5 cm / weight: 360 g
  • Large yoga block (size L): 23 x 14 x 9 cm / weight: 600 g

Care Instructions

Cork is antimicrobial, meaning you don’t need harmful chemicals. Use organic soap and water for major stains. Do not leave it exposed to sunlight or in hot, dry places (like the car in the summer or on a heater) for long periods of time.


Their name in the products combines purity, beauty, special art of making from natural, human and environmentally friendly materials (cotton, spelt, kapok wool).


The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, peace and beauty in many cultures in the East. The lotus flower is very special because of its exceptional surface structure, which allows water, dust particles, mud and micro-organisms to "unwind" and bloom in perfect beauty.


It means trade, art.

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  1. Stabilen
    Stabilen, prijeten na otip, malce težji.
  2. Super kvader
    Super kvader, malo večji
  3. Super
    Kvader iz plute je super, lep design, pazljivo le pri izbiri velikosti.
  4. Good yoga block
    Seems like a perfectly good cork yoga block. Nothing wrong with it. Nice and grippy.

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