Peshtemal Vadi, türkisches (180 x 100 cm)

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Türkisches Handtuch, Decke Pestemal Vadi ist eine extrem weiche, bequeme und saugfähige Decke, Handtuch. Pestemal-Handtuch ist ein traditionelles türkisches Handtuch, eine Decke. Aber viel mehr nützlich als nur ein Handtuch, eine Decke oder eine Tagesdecke.
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Turkish towel, blanket peshtemal Vadi is an extremely soft, comfortable and absorbent blanket, towel. Peshtemal towel is a traditional Turkish towel, blanket.

But useful much more than just a towel, blanket or bedspread. Made of 100% cotton, pleasant to the skin, easy to clean and maintain. Handmade in Turkey.

Peshtemal Vadi, Peshtemal towel, Turkish towel (180 x 100 cm)

  • turkish blanket, bedspread, towel, versatile
  • the perfect beach companion
  • excellent in the practice of yoga and meditation
  • a rolled blanket will be an excellent support for yoga positions and meditation
  • warm and large for comfort in Savasana
  • soft fabric, very pleasant to the touch
  • super absorbent fabric
  • the peshtemal Vadi is compact (the grammage of the cotton is quite large)
  • dimensions: 180 x 100 cm
  • material: 100% cotton (400 g/m2)
  • Oeko-Tex
  • woven in Turkey

A super "multiuse" product that will be with you always and everywhere. Even little ones are impressed by the softness and pleasant touch of pashtemal.


Cleaning and maintenance of the Turkish peshtemal towel

You can wash the peshtemal in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Washing with similar colors is recommended. Tumble dry at low/medium temperature - the lifetime of peshtemal will be longer if you do not use a tumble dryer. It is recommended to add a cup of vinegar from time to time... This helps kill bacteria, naturally removes any soap, detergent residue and vinegar acts as a natural softener for your towels. Do not use bleach or fabric softener!


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