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Mohairsocken Breezer Ankle mit dem Zusatz von Merinowolle, Bambus und Polyamid sind Top-Socken für den Alltag in niedrigen und mittelhohen Schuhen. Ideal für alle sportlichen Aktivitäten.
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Mohair socks Breezer Ankle with the addition of merino wool, bamboo and polyamide are top socks for everyday wear in low and medium high shoes.

Great for all sports activities (running, cycling, tennis, indoor sports (handball, volleyball...), fitness, golf...).

Mohair socks Breezer Ankle Alles Mooi

  • top socks for all sports activities (running, cycling, tennis, golf, indoor sports...)
  • great for everyday wear and for all seasons
  • height above the ankle - for low and medium high shoes
  • around the foot an anatomical “stripe” to support the foot and keep the sock in place
  • straight seams that don’t sting us anywhere
  • material: 27% mohair, 27% merino wool, 21% bamboo, 25% polyamide

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Why mohair?

  • Mohair fiber absorb moisture quickly, wick perspiration away from the feet and keeping it dry, comfortable and fresh.
  • Mohair is super thermo regulation fiber. It is natural insulator – it keeps your feet warm in cold conditions and cool in hot weather.
  • Mohair is blister resistance. It has smooth surface and it is very soft, so because of that is reducing chafing and blisters.
  • This smooth fiber structure prevents the build up of bacteria, and together with the natural wick-ability, allows your foot to breath and remain odor free.
  • Mohair has little tendency to shrink during washing which is largely attributable to its smooth and unpronounced scale structure. It can be bent and twisted without damage.
  • Mohair is extremely elastic, it can be stretched to 30% of its normal length and still spring back into shape. Because of this resilience mohair socks resist wrinkling, stretching out of shape and sagging during wear.

The mohair fibers in Alles Mooi come from South Africa, where they produce about 50% of all mohair in the world. Here all knowledge passes from generation to generation. When you buy a South African mohair product, you are supporting sustainable, ethical farming practices and thousands of farmers and their families.

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