Thermo Cup Mizu V5 Cofee Deckel

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Thermobecher Mizu mit doppeltem Edelstahl. Hülle zum Trinken gemacht. Thermokanne für Kaffee oder Tee, für Eislimonade oder kalten Smoothie.

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Thermo cup V5 Coffee Lid Mizuin a revamped versionwith a double stainless steel wall and a thin copper core will be your perfect companion wherever you are. Cover made for drinking.

Thermo pot for coffee or tea, for ice lemonade or cold smoothie. Even for hot soup it is super recommended. The cover can be replaced with a regular cover.

Fits the cup holder in the car. Enjoy the taste of the drink or food! And beautiful design.

Thermo cup Mizu V5 Coffee lid in a renewed version

  • stainless steel thermo pot with double wall and copper coating in the middle
  • cover made for drinking
  • "multiuse" item - for hot coffee or tea, for ice lemonade or cold smoothie, for hot soup...
  • taste only pure drink or food (drinks, food does not absorb any smell or taste in a steel thermo pot)
  • fits the cup holder in the car
  • the Coffee Lid mouthpiece cover can be replaced with a regular cover and you get a handy little thermos for warm soups in winter or cold fruit in summer
  • in combination with a mouthpiece lid - straw, you can also use the Mizu Everyday and Adventure filter
  • impact resistant
  • super design
  • keeps drinks, food warm for more than 12 hours and cold for more than 18 hours
  • material: 18/8 stainless steel, copper coating between the walls
  • the pot is 100% recyclable
  • volume: 450 ml
  • dimensions: height: 185 mm / diameter: 75 mm
  • weight: 306 g

Do you know what Mizu means?

The MIZU comes from the USA. Mizu is the Japanese word for water . They have created "hydration" products that reflect who they are and where they want to go. & Nbsp; In a simple way, they remind us that plastic consumption can be greatly reduced . Every product in the Mizu product line is designed to offer reusability for the products we normally have for single use!


Take care of the environment with Mizu products. Their products are sustainable . By using Mizu pots, water jars, you avoid high consumption of plastic pots and bottles.

The table is a proud part of the organization 1% FOR THE PLANET! Of all sales, 1% of every item sold goes to this non-profit environmental organization. Packaging You can use the item table (cardboard box) for a “pot” for pencils, you can even plant a flower in it. Use the cardboard for a campfire. Get creative!


Do not put hot liquids into single wall Mizu containers. Do not freeze your Mizu container. Do not put your Mizu container in the microwave. Dishwasher may affect the paint and print. Hand washing recommended

Choose reusable products Mizu

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  1. Topla kava za na pot
    Obožujem svojo kavico v odličnem lončki, ki drži toploto in je tako kavica okusna vse dokler se ne pripeljem do službe :)
  2. Amazing
    Top quality and we have tons of these bottles we even have given some to family! Easy to wash and keep it warm for pretty dam long. Will continue to support this company and their products!

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