Reisekeramikbecher Tumbler 16 Mizu 450 ml

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Keramiktasse für Kaffee, Tee, Smoothie. Tumbler 16 Ceramic ist ein einzigartiger Becher mit allen Eigenschaften eines Thermobechers, aber Sie trinken immer noch aus Keramik.
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Ceramic cup for coffee, tea, smoothie or cocktail Tumbler 16 Ceramic is a unique cup with all the characteristics of a thermo cup, but you still drink from ceramics.

Luxurious look, pleasant feeling of ceramics on the lips, without metallic taste in the drink... Brand new dimensions of a take away cup or a camping cup.

From morning coffee to evening cocktails!

Travel Ceramic cup Tumbler 16 CERAMIC LINED Mizu 450 ml

  • coffee cup for traveling, for tea, coffee, smoothie...
  • you can also use the cup for pieces of fruit - refreshment is right at hand
  • the thermo cup is coated on the inside and around the edge with a ceramic coating, so the feeling on the lips is pleasant, homely, and the drink has an even more "real" taste and does not take on the taste of the cup material
  • fits the cup holder in the car
  • the cup has a lid that is well attached while driving, walking
  • great for a smoothie, especially when combined with a straw
  • try only clean drinks (drinks do not absorb the smell or taste in a steel cup)
  • material: 18/8 stainless steel, copper coating between the walls, inside and edge are coated with ceramic coating
  • 100% chemical free BPA
  • volume: 450 ml
  • dimensions: height: 155 mm / diameter: 87 mm
  • weight: 264 g
Need a cup straw? Mizu reusable straws are the right choice!
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MarkeMizu Life
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