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Pura Vida Ring Opal Saturn, eine vom Universum inspirierte Harmonie. Jeder Ring ist ein Unikat, denn der „Saturn“ in der Mitte besteht aus Opal, einem leuchtend opaleszierenden Stein.
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Pura Vida ring Opal Saturn, a harmony inspired by the universe. Each ring is unique, because the "Saturn" in the middle is made of opal, a shining opalescent stone.

Pura Vida Ring Opal Saturn

  • the Opal Saturn ring is made of brass and rhodium-plated
  • the middle, Saturn, is a 9mm synthetic opal stone
  • the shiny silver color in combination with turquoise opal is a divine decoration of your hand


  • size 6: 16.4 mm
  • size 7: 17.2 mm
  • size 8: 18.0 mm

Which ring size is right for you? How to measure?

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of the area of the finger where you will wear the ring. If your finger circumference is between two sizes, choose the larger size.


Opalescent stone

is an optical phenomenon that is said by a precious stone, in this case opal. The optical effects that we observe in opal are the result of refraction or reflection due to plasticity, spacing and size of harmless microscopic beads of silica and the inclusion of water or air in its structure.


Rhodium is a precious metal that is common in jewelry production. It gives the surface a greater shine and protects it from wear and oxidation. The jewelry also offers greater strength. Rhodium is more valued than gold.





Pura Vida jewelry is handmade. That is why the dimensions may vary slightly from hair to hair.



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