Prana Verde große Naturkautschuk -Yogamatte

Gleiche Qualität wie die Standardverde Yogamatte, nur größer. Das leicht raue Oberteil bietet einen perfekten Griff auf der Yogamatte in allen Posen.

prAna Verde Large Yoga Mat is made of completely natural rubber with label FSC 100%. Same quality as the standard Verde Yoga Mat, only bigger. It is biodegradable and does not contain any toxic substances. The slightly rough top offers a perfect grip on the yoga mat in all poses.

The perfect combination of functionality and durability that will surely satisfy every yogi.

prAna Verde Large natural rubber Yoga Mat

  • yoga mat for all types of practices
  • more surface area for your workout than usual
  • made of completely natural rubber with label FSC 100%
  • 100% biodegradable, does not contain any toxic substances
  • the upper slightly “rough” side offers perfect grip on the mat in all poses
  • compact, offers excellent support even in standing positions
  • the smell of rubber is possible, which disappears with time
  • open cell construction
  • inside the construction of the mat is a thin layer of organic cotton, which prevents the mat from stretching during exercise
  • material: FSC 100% natural rubber
  • dimensions: 198 x 66 x 0.4 cm
  • weight: 3.53 kg

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

Natural rubber is used at almost every step of our daily lives (shoes, tires, balls, condoms, medical devices such as catheters, gloves...) If rubber is not handled responsibly, it can have serious negative effects on the environment and the community.

The FSC is actively working for a better future of "handling" natural rubber as a renewable material. He is also a founding member of the Global Platform, which strives for sustainable production of natural rubber.

What does the FSC label mean?

FSC labels can be found on millions of products around the world, from toilet paper to your favorite book, on milk packaging in your refrigerator, and on other food products.

Simply put, choosing products with FSC labels helps you take care of the world’s forests.

FSC 100% means that the material used in the product with this label originates from forests audited (inspected) by an independent organization to certify that they are managed in accordance with the strict social and environmental standards of the FSC. Of all the FSC labels, the label FSC 100% is the most direct contribution to the FSC's goal - forests for all, forever - and is therefore the highest label for certified rubber products.

Yoga mat made of 100% natural rubber

prAna Verde Yoga Mat yoga mat is made of 100% natural rubber, so it can smell like rubber. Which is also proof that no chemicals or other toxic substances were used during production. The smell of rubber eventually disappears.

Natural rubber is a natural material and is not UV resistant, is sensitive to sunlight. Also, rubber ages, becomes inflexible if not used. For storage, we recommend that you roll up the mat and place it upright in a dry, darker place.

It is advisable to always curl it from the outer side outwards - this will prevent the yoga mat from bending.

Natural rubber can get slight shades of colored spots due to the effects of light. This is natural with this type of material. With use, these spots disappear, they are only temporary.

For cleaning, we recommend a soft cloth and a rubber yoga matcleaner. Such a cleaner provides a clean training surface and at the same time prolongs the life of the mat. Always dry the yoga mat well, not in the sun or too close to a heat source.

More Information
Gewicht (kg)3.830000
Dickevon 3 bis 5 mm
Länge189 cm - 215 cm
StrukturOffene Zelle

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Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Bewerten Sie als erster dieses Produkt

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