Natürliches Reinigungsmittel Manduka Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore 118 ml

Natürlicher Reiniger Manduka Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore für Trainingsmatten aus Naturkautschuk. Der Yogamattenreiniger ist so konzipiert, dass er neben der Reinigung auch den „Glanz“ des Gummis wiederherstellt und die Lebensdauer der Matte verlängert.
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Natural cleanser Manduka Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore for exercise mats made of natural rubber. The yoga mat cleaner is designed in such a way that, in addition to cleaning, it restores the "shine" of the rubber and prolongs the life of the mat.

100% natural spray cleaner for natural rubber exercise mats

Natural Cleaner Manduka Rubber Yoga Mat Restore

  • 2 steps in one – natural rubber cleaning and renewal (extends service life)
  • free of chemical components
  • does not cause skin irritation
  • safe for the environment, people and animals
  • sustainable packaging
  • does not contain bleach, dyes, perfumes, endocrine disruptors, chloride, ammonia ...
  • with the scent of special gingergrass grass
  • made in the USA
  • volume: 118 ml

Instructions for use

Cleaning with Manduka Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore is used once a month. Spray the cleaner liberally over the entire surface of the mat. Leave on for 5 minutes. Then wipe with a clean, soft cloth. The cleaner is not intended for daily cleaning.

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  1. Great Product
    I love my Manduka rubber yoga mat. It has helped me so much with the slipping issues I was having on previous mats. Saying that to say I want to take care of it. Manduka has proved to be a great quality name brand in the yoga community. I’m not crazy about the smell, but I just leave my mat out to air out before I use it again. My mat cleans well and I feel confident my mat is being cleaned properly with this product.

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