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ReYoga Cork Yogamatte, Yogamatte aus Kork und für die anspruchsvollsten Yogis gedacht. Diejenigen, die ihre Yoga-Praxis verbessern wollen, diejenigen, die nach Perfektion streben.
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ReYoga Cork yoga mat, yoga mat made of corkand intended for the most demanding yogis. Those who want to improve their yoga practice, those who strive for perfection. Natural cork is soft, smooth and can be slid from position to position, while maintaining high friction at the main pressure points.

The lower part of the ReYoga Cork yoga mat is made of 100% natural rubber, so that the yoga mat is more sticky, more stable on the ground and at the same time relieves the pressure of the practitioner.

Cork yoga mat

  • for demanding yoga and more dynamic yoga styles (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power yoga, Iyengar yoga)
  • great choice for Hot yoga and Bikram yoga
  • when sweating profusely or when practicing Hot and Bikram yoga, the grip is even better (wet, damp cork provides even better grip, because dry cork does not provide grip)
  • 100% natural cork (top layer)
  • 100% natural rubber on the lower side (to make the mat better adhere to the surface, and absorbs the pressures of the trainee)
  • open cell surface
  • the mat is 100% biodegradable, fullyrecyclable and 100% Eco-friendly
  • dimensions: 185 x 65 x 0.4 cm
  • weight: 2.40 kg

A tip for those who sweat almost nothing

ReYoga Cork may not offer optimal grip in such cases and may seem a bit slippery. No problem, you can solve the thing quickly and easily. Spray the mat with water! In certain yoga studios, it is normal to have ready-made flasks with a water spray for such yoga mats or for yoga mats coated with microfiber.

The ReYoga Cork yoga cork mat is truly Eco Friendly, in a whole new light. To obtain cork, the oak treedoes not need to be cut down, but the tree is cut off only the surface layer of the bark. This layer is restored in 15-20 years. Farmers engaged in the production of cork take good care of oak trees, nurture them and allow them to grow unhindered, after all, this is their income and strive for the highest quality cork. By doing so, they take care of entire areas overgrown with oaks, such open forests prevent desertification of the soil (expansion of desert or desolate areas in dry regions) and allow the growth of undergrowth (grasses and shrubs), where many animals find shelter.

Cork does not cause allergies, it is a natural antibacterial "product". It contains the substance suberin (waxy substance), which makes it resistant to fire and water. Cork is a super natural insulator.

Cork yoga matmaintenance

Cork is a very durable and durable material. Therefore, your ReYoga Feel Cork yoga mat will last a very long time with minimal care and maintenance.

It is important to always bend it from the outside outwards (so that the cork is on the outside) - this way you prevent the cork from breaking and prevent the yoga mat from bending.

Do not expose the mat to direct sunlight, do not leave it in a hot and dry place, do not leave it in the car in the sun (this applies to all yoga mats). After practicing yoga, when the yoga mat is wet and damp from sweat or water, be sure to dry the mat before rolling it up. Spread the mat on the floor or hang it to dry completely, only then roll it up.


Cork is a natural material and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. In case of very frequent use, regular cleaning (once a week) is recommended. Clean the mat with cold water and a gentle, non-aggressive detergent. Even better, use ReClean cleaner. Then you need to dry it well.

The cork can darken or darken in individual parts, the mat can get darker stains. It is quite possible that such dark stains will not be able to be removed. This is completely natural, as our skin, through sweating, releases various substances to the surface, which can stain the natural material. The color of the mat can also be caused by creams, oils, lotions which are used on the skin. And the function of the mat remains unchanged!

If our cork yoga mat is really dirty, we can soak it in cold water for a while, add a gentle, non-aggressive detergent and rub it lightly with a gentle sponge or cloth. Then wash thoroughly with soap and dry well.

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Gewicht (kg)2.400000
Dickevon 3 bis 5 mm
Länge178 cm - 185 cm
StrukturOffene Zelle

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