Holzarmbänder Infinity

Holzarmbänder Infinity im Set: eines für mich – eines für Dich! Ein einfaches und wunderbares Geschenk. Die Armbänder sind auf Karton und können abgerissen werden.
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Wooden bracelets Infinity in a set: one for me - one for you! A simple and wonderful gift. The bracelets are on cardboard and they can be tear off.

A cute little accessory for your wrist.

Wooden bracelets Infinity

  • a wonderful gift for the person we love, with whom we spend good times,... both for a couple boy - girl / husband - wife, for a friend, for a child - parent
  • "Because together we are a whole!"
  • wooden bracelets with a unique pendant
  • the universal symbol of infinity - tell your loved one that your friendship will never end
  • the connecting knot regulates the size of the bracelet
  • material: walnut wood
  • pendant size: 18 mm
  • made in Slovenia
  • it is packed on a cardboard, tear-off sheet - simply tear off the upper part and keep it for yourself, give the lower part together with a message to a loved one

Wood is a natural material. Therefore, there may be deviations in color and texture from the pendant in the picture.

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MarkeGozdni Mož
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