Geschenkset - Peshtemal, Zaubertrank, Schokolade

Das beste Geschenk für Geburtstage, Dezembergeschenke, geschäftliche Aufmerksamkeit, um jemanden glücklich zu machen, oder Sie können sich auch nur und Ihren geliebten Menschen verwöhnen lassen.
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A wonderful set for a wonderful evening contains sweet, premium Choco Amies from Mama Paula, the magical Spices med potion enriched with the healing energy of Tesla Metamorfose and the Turkish peshtemal Soul, all together in a beautiful wooden box. The best gift for birthdays, December gifts, business attention, to make someone happy or you can also just pamper yourself and your loved one.

An important note of our gift set is that we united "locals" from Kranj and its surroundings. Everyone contributed with something of their own, something magical. In this way, we support each other, share business experiences and have a good time together!

All items are carefully selected and handcrafted!

Mama Paula Choco Ami (150g)

Are handmade pieces of caramel and salted peanuts, all tied together and covered in excellent chocolate. The chocolate is a mixture of milk and caramel Belgian chocolate. The creator, the real chocolate "witch", young Hana Kotar, says: "Chocolate is a pleasant vice on all occasions - with a taste that embraces and caresses us. That food for the soul that always understands and comforts us. A piece to satisfy hunger, another piece for energy and one to smile...".

The magical potion Spajsi honey (0.5l / 27% alc.)

Was created by Andrej Udovč, practitioner of Tesla Metamorphosis. His energies work in several areas, while at the same time his practicality knows no bounds. So he prepared a magical potion for us from homemade brandy, honey and chili. Everything is made with love and the intention to serve the highest good of the person who received the magic potion, because the potion is enriched with the healing energy of Tesla Metamorphosis.

The Peshtemal Vintage Soul (180 x 100 cm)

Comes to us from Turkey, but our Yogaline team has been looking for a long time for a real local workshop, a weaving mill, where these traditional towels, blankets, sorongs... are made. The best multi-use pieces of textile! In this way, we support local workers somewhere far away in Turkey, and they offer us the comfort of 100% cotton. At home, on the beach, on the road... We are always with you!

The beautiful and useful wooden box (30.5 x 19.5 x12 cm) was made by Andrej Udovč with the help of Aurostar carpentry. Family carpentry from the domestic environment, but with international references. Experts who find a solution for just about every room in a family home, business premises, even yachts and more... They bring you the comfortable wood, top design and functionality.

If you wish, we can fill the wooden box completely according to your taste. Mama Paula has a wide range of chocolate treats, magic potions are also available in other flavors, and peshtemals in different colors and patterns. Even the size of the wooden box can be adjusted to the contents. All items can be personalized and printed with your logo or slogan.

So - give something to be remembered by! Give a moment of happiness. Sweeten yourself with sinful chocolate, drink little glass of medicine and treat yourself to moments on the peshtemal. Well, the wooden box can serve you for storing small things.
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