Frauen 7/8 Leggings für Yoga Layna Prana

Prana Layna 7/8 Damen -Leggings sind eine geeignete Wahl für diejenigen, die eine leichtere, dünnere Version von Strumpfhosen ohne Deckkraft wünschen.

prAna Layna 7/8 women's leggings are a suitable choice for those who want a lighter, thinner version of tights, without opacity. Luxara ™ fabric is a durable and lighter fabric that provides excellent moisture separation and provides flexibility to leggings.

The length of the leggings 7/8 will be just right for practicing yoga, pilates and other exercises, it will also be a great choice for a walk to the city. The high waist ensures that the leggings stay in place and do not interfere with you even in the most extreme position.

Women's leggings for yoga and sports exercises Layna 7/8 prAna

  • light but durable leggings for sports activities
  • 7/8 leggings with a wider and higher waist for maximum comfort
  • opaque
  • excellent moisture separation
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • a hidden pocket on the inside of the waist
  • flat stitches
  • triangular seam between the legs for maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Bluesign certificate
  • material: Luxara fabric; 76 recycled polyamide, 24% elastane

prAna: clothing for people who live fully, play long and travel well!


In 2012, prAna became a partner of the Bluesign® system. This has ensured that all the materials you encounter in prAna and are equipped with this mark meet the highest environmental and human safety standards.

This standard means that all materials, the entire production (including water consumption, energy consumption in production...), from the first thread to the final product, meet the highest standards of environmental and human safety.

Fair Trade Certified

Certificate get the products that are manufactured in real care for the workers involved in the process. It provides workers with fair wages, high labor standards and investment in community development.

prAna's organic materials meet the requirements of the program USDA National Organic and comply with the highest environmental agricultural requirements.

Organic - helps reduce soil and water pollution with harmful chemicals. It helps that farmers, cotton growers, do not come into contact with harmful chemicals in their daily work, while growing it.


prAna's goal is to carefully select the entire process to the final product. The combination of the use of materials and cooperation with companies that adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the safety of all involved in the process and efficiency - leads to beautiful and functional products that we all love and feel good in.

More about the prAna

By choosing products made from recycled materials, you contribute a lot to environmental protection. Less energy, less water and less gas are released into the atmosphere to produce such products.

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  1. Very light material
    Very satisfied with the product. The material is very light and soft, the colours are so pretty.

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