Cream One 4 All Active Hands

One 4 All Active Hands ist eine 100 % natürliche Creme. Perfekt für Prellungen, Kratzer, Vorbeugung, trockene Haut... Für einen aktiven Lebensstil und Erste-Hilfe-Mittel bei trockener und rissiger Haut.

One 4 All Active Hands is 100% natural cream. Perfect for bruises, scratches, prevention, dry skin... For active life-style and first aid remedy for dry and cracked skin. It increases the elasticity of the sking and regenerates it faster. Universal for all; yogis, climbers, surfers, active people and workers with manual intense tasks, house cleaners, families, children and nature lovers.

One 4 All creams are all the same. Regardless of the inscription on the packaging "Climbers, Yoga, WindSurfers, Tattoo, Medical staff...". The only difference is the packaging, which aims to bring the product as close as possible to the target group.

Cream One 4 All Active Hands

  • 100% natural cream, balm in a shape of » bar « for quick and easy use
  • regenerates dry and cracked skin
  • helps to heal blisters, scratches, bruises...
  • increases skin flexibility and resilience
  • calms itching after insect bites
  • for dry and cracked lips
  • suitable for all body
  • fast absorbent and no greasy feeling
  • natural and gentle scent
  • perfect packaging - aluminium box - for all pockets, purses,...
  • Organic certificate
  • suitable for vegetarians
  • weight: 18 g ali 35 g
  • hand made in Slovenia!


  • BIO extra virgin olive oil
  • BIO coconut oil
  • BIO jojoba oil
  • BIO calendula flower extract
  • BIO argan oil
  • BIO bee's wax
  • BIO essential oil lavender
  • BIO essential oil čajevca
  • BIO rosemary leaf extract
  • BIO geraniol
  • natural vitamin E (tocopherol)


  • no mineral oils
  • no preservatives
  • no alcohol
  • no water
  • no animal testing

How to use creme

Apply the cream to the affected areas of the skin. You can also scrape off a little cream with your fingernail and apply it directly to the damaged area. The skin will thus receive all the necessary nutrients, which will also act from the inside, and at the same time the wound will be protected from the outside. Cream One4All is recommended for daily care of dry skin, both on the hands and feet.

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Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Bewerten Sie als erster dieses Produkt

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